I started working with Julie when I broke my arm and couldn’t do any showings on my listings, or take out my buyers. Julie’s manner with my clients was impeccable, she was always early and prepared for every client. One of my clients wanted to renovate their home in which Julie's knowledge of renovation saved them. She told them they needed a complete bid, not an open ended contract. When the builder did this the renovation on the home didn’t comp out, so they decided to sell and purchase a new home, they ended up getting a new home for almost the same price as the renovation on the old home. The new home was almost twice the size and much higher quality, the client was thrilled. Julie kept me involved with every client and I would recommend her to every buyer and seller.

Alice D.

Sotheby’s International Realty

Julie is one of the most professional agents I have worked with. We sat numerous public open houses together and she was always informative and intelligent and friendly with every person who walked through the front door. I met many of her sellers and they were all delighted to have her as an agent, she always got them top dollar on the sale of their home. You will love working with her.

Darryl W.

Chase Senior Home Loan Lending Advisor, Chase Bank

I hired Julie in August of 2008, she impressed me with her dedication and knowledge in the real estate business even though she had just moved back to NY in June. Every week at out developer meeting Julie was prepared with sales and numbers for other buildings in Tribeca and Soho, we never had any other sales associate this prepared with facts. She gave us her weekly showing numbers and suggestions on where she thought the market was going. It was a very difficult time in NY and it was the middle of the financial collapse. Julie is a pleasure to work with and knows her business, she sold numerous units in the building and would do showings when the building was closed if that was when the buyer could get there.

Ethen E.


We found Julie intelligent and a delight to work with when purchasing our apartment. She sent us listings for over 6 months so we could learn the market and understand the difference in buildings. When we arrived in NYC we had 3 days to locate our home. When we found the perfect apartment, disclosed in the offering plan was that the apartment had lot line windows, which the listing agent had not informed us. Julie would not let us purchase and contacted all listings that expired in the same building. She found one that was even better than the first apartment and we purchased it sight unseen because we trusted Julie so much. The apartment was $4,000,000. When our daughter was ready to purchase, we again called on Julie and her expertise. She didn’t live in NYC any longer, but she found us a wonderful agent to work with and Julie remained in contact with out daughter and the agent throughout the entire time.

Gabrielle O.


Julie was a pleasure to work with and I made a nice profit. I had always wanted to live in NY and the opportunity arrived to make that possible. I didn’t know where I wanted to live or if I wanted a townhouse or a condo, Julie showed me everything in under 2 days. Downtown, UES and UWS. I found my dream townhouse and purchased it in less than a month as the sellers wanted to close before the end of the year, or add $500,000 to the purchase price. Within the year, my business had changed and I had to sell the house. Julie took over the renovations and made it more buyable in the market. I made a nice profit and she sold in within 3 months.

Johan H.


I have actually purchased a home from Julie. She is super smart, ethical, incredibly responsive and a total delight to work with. When given a choice of Brokers, here isn’t another choice. Its Julie!

Jenn B.


Julie certainly knows her numbers when my client was interested in making an investment in NYC. Julie’s advice was to purchase and renovate a townhouse on the UES, Julie was also the interior designer on the project. The project took longer than expected due to the investor wanting to make monthly visits to NYC to see the results. The project was a huge success and the profit was over $9,000,000, the townhouse sold for $23,500,000, the original purchase price was $9,350,000, which Julie negotiated down from $12,500,000.

Joe R.

Laywer for European Investor, Rubin Balin

What we most appreciated about Julie was that she was always on time for our meetings. She insisted on being present for every showing to potential buyers. She had the tempo of the market and was quick to respond to changing market conditions while making recommendations to us. Her strategy resulted in our selling our home in excess of our initial listed price. Her friendly personality makes her a pleasure to work with. We would give this lady the highest of our recommendations, she is a credit to her profession and to Sotheby’s.

John Z.


Julie and I put together one of the most difficult deals in NYC. The financial markets and the real estate markets had just started to recover, but there was so much uncertainty. My sellers had inherited an estate, in estate condition, I believe only one toilet worked in the entire 9,000 sq ft home. We were able to keep the deal together after a second renegotiation two months later when the market started falling again. It closed for just under $10,000,000.

June I.

Senior Founding Agent, Scribling

Julie is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and masterfully takes the time to tailor her expertise to accommodate the personalities of her clients. She worked with my family for over a year to find our perfect dream home. Her patience is unparalleled and one of the things that most attracted my family is that she is NOT pushy, something we found refreshing. When we spotted our dream home, we thought it was too far out of our reach in terms of timing we needed and other buyers were making offers. She said to us, if you want this house, then we’ll find a way to make this happen and she did! I would and already have highly recommended Julie.

Lisa C.


Julie and I did a deal together and I found her to be very professional and courteous, not like many agent in NYC. She had put together one of the best board packages I had seen, very clean and organized, just like Julie. Her clients never visited the apartment and bought it sight unseen, as they trusted Julie, again a rare quality for NYC.

Michele L.

Sotheby’s International Realty

I have worked with Julie for over 20 years, we both lived in CA and NY and she has always referred me business. Her clients rave about her honesty and how different she is from all real estate agents they have worked with in the past. She always tries to get top dollar for sellers and the lowest price for buyers. She is a dedicated professional.

Scott D.

Chase Private Client Senior Home Loan Lending Advisor, Chase Bank

Julie is an eloquent and honest agent. I referred her a seller in Greenwich CT and she could have not been more delightful to work with on all levels. The seller had been through numerous agents and didn’t like any of them. He loved working with Julie and was impressed on how much information she gave him every month on market conditions. I would recommend her for any real estate transaction, be prepared to be delighted to work with her.

Steve S.


Julie Nelson is truly a top agent. She sold our Water Mill property for full asking price after she had it listed for only 2 weeks, negotiations were tough but she navigated through all it with elegance and persistence. She is wonderful to work with, knowledgeable, daring and always right on the pulse. We highly recommend her and are looking forward to working with her in the future.

Vanessa D.


Julie was able to steer us through our home purchase with a difficult seller. The home was a foreclosure so we were dealing with a bank across the country. She kelp the process moving forward and kelp everyone focused. Now that I have bought a house, I am now turning to the process of selling my house. It is unthinkable that I would not use Julie as my realtor. She’s great.

Paul G.

Buyer and Seller

Outstanding communicator-constantly on top of the deal. Never wavered-always helpful in extremely difficult transaction. Patient beyond belief and a deep understanding of real estate. Julie is the consummate professional.

Karen F.

Buyer and Seller